How Cholo Can You Go?

Howard Gribble was in the latest issue of Swindle for his photos documenting gang graffiti in So Cal. (Mike Giant practically drew the whole issue). Apparently he uploaded all of these photos to his Flickr page after they had been gathering dust for years (most are from the late 60's to late 70's). Seeing the clean and almost elegant letter styles so long before the graffiti movement I'm familiar with (which started in the late 70's in New York) blows my mind. Sure, even the Romans wrote shit on walls but not like this.

I was surprised to see it was this particular guy on Flickr too. I think I've browsed a lot of his hot rod photos when I was designing for Social Distortion and Mike Ness. He's sans cowboy hat in Swindle's picture of him.

Check out that issue of Swindle and dude's Flickr. There's also some rad cholo art not written on walls.