Model Americans: Art Ru'Maj

(note: there was a type setting malfunction, sorry!)

The Big Unwind

Our first art show! It turned out to be a late and awesome
night. It was also our big unwind from 11th hour paint strokes
and blade passes.
It was down to the wire, guys. We didn't think it was stressful
but we were really conscious of the clock ticking away for a month,
now, and we almost sighed when Andrea finished her painting
and the crooked Obama Commemorative Plate (As Seen On TV)
went up on its shelf.

First hour or two of the show with Abe chugging away and Soda
waving his custom Art Ru'Maj flags, available for free at the show.

Andrea with some last minute painting and my last minute
re-matting...is that even a word?

Model Americans: Art Ru'Maj

Ever heard of Tar'jay? That's how the explanation for our
show at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records starts out.

The collection was largely made up of Andrea's character
studies for her comic and my quick and easy collages and
simple photo retouches a'la Captain America (I painted them
on models and musicians' faces) and that's how the
Model Americans title was born.

We coined Art Ru'Maj to put a pretty name to the pretty
pictures that we made and sold for cheap. It's fancy-talk for
Rummage, and since the show fell on 4th of July weekend
it fit the holiday sale environment that we all find ourselves in
everywhere else.
You've got your garage sales and department store blowouts
why not an art show too? This was our art rummage sale.

My blade and it's effects on art.

Studded and Spangled Stars

We were stoked when Shannon and The Clams
showed up. Nobunny came by early when the last nail went
into the wall, and even put some work in the
and his wife Hilary (owners of Premium Tattoo and Vintage) were
there and of course there was the curator himself: Steve Stevenson,
owner of 1-2-3-4 Go! Records.
Speaking of curators, Obi Kaufmann came by and bought
one of Andrea's illustrations. He's participating in a show himself
in Walnut Creek soon.
Our friend and sculptor Derek Weisberg came and supported
us, too. The love on 40th street was big. You can see more of their
work in our post about the 40th St Art Quest.
Thanks everybody for stopping by and if you haven't yet please
do, and at least take a free Art Ru'Maj flag. And thanks to Steve for
letting us put our junk on his walls!

One of the collages for sale ($9.99) and Andrea about to make
some sort of point with a flag.

Andrea trash talking to Trish, Cody Clam talking shop with Steve
while Abe is looking on amused in front of Andrea's painting ($199.99).