I've been working on some stuff that I can't show here yet, like a design or two for X and an all out assault on Cinder Block's non band-specific Premium Line which is a fun way to say Fancy Shirts That Are Radical. It's gotten me back into working with brush and ink and its a big relief to turn away from the computer screen. I read an article about someones screenprinting project and it mentioned that no computers were used during the image-to-screen process. Where I work it's not time effective to draw on film to burn it. If I create something out of the computer I end up scanning it into the computer for seperations later and it does sort of sterilize the craftsmanship. But the finished product, usually something intended for mass production if it's silk screened, doesn't have to be. I thought of the punks that didn't like cds for similar reasons. It was even debated in the liner notes of the Shit Split when it was re-released on CD and they justified it explaining that some kids might never hear it because most kids these days don't have record players. I preferred my walkman until about 2 years ago when my girlfriend bought me an Ipod. She got me the older version since it was bulkier like my walkman and cassettes. But what I liked about my walkman was making my own tapes, I didn't care that there was a limit to the amount of songs I could fit on it because that made my choices much more thoughtful.